VPV Series Purge Valves

D-Pro VPV Series Purge Valves are designed for manually bleeding, venting, or draining system fluids. The cap is clamped to the valve body for safety in use. The 0.063 inch (1.6 mm) diameter vent hole is constructed on the cap.

Operation and Installation Instruction
D-Pro VPV series purge valve requires a quarter turn of cap with a wrench from finger-tight for a leak-tight seal on the first make-up. To ensure seal to the rated pressure, snug with a wrench. Always open the valve slowly. These valves have no seal on cap. Therefore media may flow through the cap thread when the valves are opened. Operating personnel should take suitable measures to be protected from system fluids.

Item # Series End Connection End Connection Size Ball Material Valve Body Material
VPV-F-2N-S VPV Female NPT 1/8″ Female NPT SS316 SS316
VPV-F-4N-S VPV Female NPT 1/4″ Female NPT SS316 SS316
VPV-F-6N-S VPV Female NPT 3/8″ Female NPT SS316 SS316
VPV-F-8N-S VPV Female NPT 1/2″ Female NPT SS316 SS316
VPV-M-2N-S VPV Male NPT 1/8″ Male NPT SS316 SS316
VPV-M-4N-S VPV Male NPT 1/4″ Male NPT SS316 SS316
VPV-M-6N-S VPV Male NPT 3/8″ Male NPT SS316 SS316
VPV-M-8N-S VPV Male NPT 1/2″ Male NPT SS316 SS316
VPV-D-2T-S VPV Dk-Lok 1/8″ Dk-Lok SS316 SS316
VPV-D-4T-S VPV Dk-Lok 1/4″ Dk-Lok SS316 SS316
VPV-D-6T-S VPV Dk-Lok 3/8″ Dk-Lok SS316 SS316
VPV-D-8T-S VPV Dk-Lok 1/2″ Dk-Lok SS316 SS316
VPV-D-6M-S VPV Dk-Lok 6mm Dk-Lok SS316 SS316
VPV-D-8M-S VPV Dk-Lok 8mm Dk-Lok SS316 SS316
VPV-T-4T-S VPV Tube Stub 6mm Tube Stub SS316 SS316
VPV-T-6T-S VPV Tube Stub 3/8″ Tube Stub SS316 SS316
VPV-T-8T-S VPV Tube Stub 1/2″ Tube Stub SS316 SS316