About A-Best Industrial

A-Best Industrial provides SAFE SOLUTIONS for your process and flow controls needs.

We are a service-oriented supplier of high-pressure valves, fittings, and tubing as well as industrial grade butterfly valves, pressure regulators, gauges, etc. We are a CPUC Certified Small Minority Business Enterprise (SBE/MBE), specializing in gas and instrumentation tube & pipe fittings, SS tubing, flexible SS metal/Teflon lined SS braided hose, Mercer pressure relief valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, flanges, pipe and pipe nipples, caps, gauges, regulators, tools, etc.

We also provide made-to-order custom tube assemblies and hoses.

We are SLB certified for the City of Los Angeles and SBE/MBE/CBE certified with California and Los Angeles County.


  • Fittings (tube, pipe, sanitary, weld, high purity Vacuum Face Seal, etc) in stainless steel, brass, carbon steel, exotic metals, Teflon, PVC, nylon
  • Valve (check, ball, needle, purge, plug, gate, globe, pressure reducing, pressure relief) in stainless steel, brass, carbon steel, exotic metals Quick disconnect (full flow, valved, instrument & industrial grade) Industrial Valves/Regulators (Ogontz, Fisher and Mooney Regulators, GO, Neon Controls, Spence, etc.)
  • Hose, custom made to your specification: rubber, stainless braided, Teflon lined hose, all metal Stainless Steel lined, thermoplastic, with any end connection configuration
  • Tubing (stainless, plastic, Teflon, Titanium, Inconel, Poly, Nylon, Copper), domestic DFARS compliant, available in continuous coils
  • Custom Tube Assembly, made to customer specifications in any configuration using 316 stainless steel tubing and fittings
  • Filter (inline, basket, Y-Strainer, T-Type, Coalescing)
  • Gauge (pressure, vacuum, process, digital, instrument grade), Crystal Digital Gauge
  • Thermometer (Bi-metal, digital, probed capillary)
  • Regulator (single stage, dual stage, high pressure, low pressure)
  • Mercer and Anderson Pressure Relief valve/Repair kits and Service (pilot operated, snap, modulating, spring operated with NPT or Flanged end connections)
  • Tubing/pipe clamp accessories (cush-a-clamp for unitstrut, p-clamp, beta clamps with and without weld plates, strut nuts)
  • Pipe, Flange, weld-o-lets, nipples, couplings, unions, ells, crank handles, crank chain, crush gaskets, flange bolts and studs, Teflon tape
  • Pelican Product protective cases and safety lights, Tube Bender, Cutters, Deburring


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